Neil Abercrombie Voted Against His Own Bill!

Back in 2008 when Hawaii’s gas prices were heading toward $5 a gallon, Congressman Neil Abercrombie beavered away through the summer working on a bipartisan comprehensive energy bill (HR 6899) that would lower prices at the pump. But, when the bill came to the floor all the Democrat supporters mysteriously bailed out, including Neil, the author of the bill.

When Hawaii struggled with the nation's highest gas prices, Neil hung us out to dry.

According to Republican House Leader John Boehner, “House Democrats say they want to ‘stimulate’ the economy, but last night nearly every single one of them voted against the bipartisan energy bill authored by Reps. John Peterson (R-PA) and Neil Abercrombie (D-HI) to lower gas prices on behalf of working families and small businesses, including 24 Democrats who are cosponsors of the Peterson-Abercrombie bill. That’s correct, 24 Democrats flip-flopped, repudiated their past statements of support and cosponsorship for the bipartisan Peterson-Abercrombie bill by voting against it.”

Boehner continues,Speaker Pelosi and her leadership team have made no bones about their elaborate strategy of making it look like vulnerable Democrats are voting on real energy reform without actually doing it.  But these Democrats took it a step further:  They cosponsored a bill and pledged to support it and then rejected it when given an up-or-down vote.”

One Washington insider lamented, “It’s worth noting that many of these deserting co-sponsors are BDD’s (Blue Dog Democrats). Still, the most stunning part of this is that Neil Abercrombie deserted his own plan. That’s unthinkable. It’s unthinkable because it’s extremely hypocritical. I can’t think of another time when a co-author of a bill abandoned the bill. It’s one thing to abandon it if a bunch of amendments had dramatically changed the bill. Thats defensible. This bill wasn’t dramatically altered. It was barely changed.”

“What this proves is that Speaker Pelosi has employed a strategy based on deceit. It isn’t a stretch to think she’s operated this deceitful strategy with Rep. Abercrombie’s full cooperation.”

Gauge the magnitude of the hypocrisy flowing from Abercrombie from this transcript of the Lou Dobbs show, where he participated with Congressman Peterson to promote their bill.

DOBBS: Aloha. Let me start with — I’m going to just throw this out. Right now, the speaker of the House says she wants to save the planet and effectively, the heck with the American driver, working men and women who are desperate for relief. And right now, what can you do against the gavel of the speaker?

ABERCROMBIE: All right. This is the energy independence bill, Lou. I am telling you right now that we can set a pace for this country. This is not done with political consultants. There’s been no corporations, no advocacy groups, no leadership groups. This was member-driven on behalf of the national interests.

DOBBS: Well, that is welcome and rare news to hear, as you know, Congressman.

ABERCROMBIE: And all we have to do, Lou, is say where are you on the energy independence act? We want to know. We’re going to make a judgment on you as politicians, and on whether you’re acting in the national interest on the energy independent bill.

Bold and duplicitous talk from Congressman Abercrombie before he felt the sting of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s whip and dutifully abandoned his own bill, and his Hawaii constituents.

Congressman Boehners Press Release

Proof that it’s all about political cover (blog article)

Peterson and Abercrombie on Lou Dobbs


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