The Incrdible [sic] Story of Neil Abercrombie

This was the first of Neil’s never ending quests for political office. Is that nutty poli-sci graduate assistant really running for the U.S. Senate?  The question was asked across the U.H. Campus back in 1970. As this pot-fueled manifesto is testament to, the answer was yes. Neil, of course, was not taken seriously and garnered only a few hundred votes, mostly from the ranks of hippie anti-war protestors and other assorted university moonbats.  Neil finally got elected to the Hawaii State Legislature a few years later and has not held an honest job since. (click on the images to enlarge – get as close as you dare.)


4 responses

  1. Welcome visitors from The Comic Reporter. This piece was part of a newsprint tabloid with art done by George Bennett back on the University of Hawaii Campus. I knew him briefly then, but have do idea where his talents have taken him since.

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  3. Neil Abercrombie is a “FAKE” a few months ago at the Honolulu International Airport I was escorting a prisoner to Phoneix, AZ along with my partner via commercial airline, as we stood behind an old lady in a wheelchair clearing TSA Neil Abercrombie along with his bodyguard cut in line in front of the handicap elderly lady and two Armed Law Enforcement Officers, we weren’t mad of the fact that he cut in front of us but the elderly woman, myself and my partner called out to Neil and his body guard approached us an apologized for Neil’s bad attitude. If Hawaii thinks that this person (Neil Abercrombie) is right for Hawaii then go ahead and vote for him. If not find a better person that will stand for Hawaii. Has been Gov Lingle thank God she’s gone.

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