Free Market Takes Revenge On Abercrombie’s Crappy Novel

The free market has spoken and “demand” for Neil Abercrombie’s debut novel, “Blood of Patriots” has reached approximately zero and the value of the book has been established at one cent.  One Amazon reviewer warns, “Don’t waste your time reading this farce of a book! It’s partisan politics at its worst!” We won’t be adding Neil’s literary snooze bomb to our “wish list” anytime soon, but at this price it is considerably cheaper than toilet paper.

Actual images from on March 8, 2010


4 responses

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  2. OK, we bit. Currently “Segregated Sisterhood” is holding up better than’s Neil’s “Blood of Patriots,” with used copies valued at $2.01 (much better than Neil’s $.01), however that’s not the whole story. SS is ranked number 2,128,705 at Amazon in sales – that means less than one book a year. Not exactly a hot seller.

    We sent for one though, and may be the only purchaser this year. We have hopes of dueling excepts for the “Dinner at the Abercrombies” feature. Neil’s tawdry attempts at “racy” exploitive titillation (pun intended) juxtaposed with Nancie’s ploding feminist dogma should be a laugh riot.

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