Abercrombie Never Adequately Explained National Embarassment

Before leaving office, Abercrombie got unwelcome national media attention.

In November of 2009, then Congressman, Neil Abercrombie was flagged by CBS News on national television for a pattern of getting campaign contributions from the beneficiaries of his “earmarks.”

The CBS report is pretty clear in pointing directly to Abercrombie :

“A lot of the companies getting tax dollars have campaign ties to the member of Congress giving the money.”

“For example, Congressman Neil Abercrombie of Hawaii awarded Pacific Biodiesel a $3.5 million earmark to try to grow fuel for the Army in Hawaii. It turns out the founder of Pacific Biodiesel is a co-chair of the Congressman’s gubernatorial campaign.”

“The pattern is repeated over and over.”

“Abercrombie also gets donations from defense contractor BAE. BAE gets a defense earmark for ‘mammal awareness’.”




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