Ten PC Examples that prove we have achieved Idiocracy

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If you think we’re kidding see #5

  1. Teacher Bans LEGOs for Gender Bias

Kindergarten boys in a Washington classroom were banned from playing with LEGOs, because their teacher found them gender biased. The Bainbridge Island teacher found it troubling that girls in her class were not interested in the toys, so barred the boys from them.

Ed: So, the boys really went for those My Little Ponies?

  1. Yoga classes have been banned at a Canadian university because of “cultural genocide… due to colonialism and western supremacy” after complaints from political correct students.

So-called cultural appropriation is when a “dominant” culture supposedly usurps or inappropriately borrows from or mixes with an “oppressed” minority culture.

Ed: …tomorrow we picket Panda’s

  1. BlackLivesMatter Protest Bans Reporters, Unless They ‘Articulate Their Solidarity’

Reporters were banned from a Smith College sit-in supporting the #BlackLivesMatter protesters at the University of Missouri… unless they “articulate their solidarity” with their movement, that is.

“We are asking that any journalists or press that cover our story participate and articulate their solidarity with black students and students of color,” a protest leader told Newsberry. “By taking a neutral stance, journalists and media are being complacent in our fight.”

Stacey Schmeidel, Smith College director of media relations, said the college supported the activists’ decision. “It’s a student event, and we respect their right to do that, although it poses problems for the traditional media,”she said.

Ed: Just let us write the story for you.

  1. Xbox online community bans kid for typing the name of his town in his application.

His offense? Filling out his Xbox Live profile. You see, Mr. Moore lives in West Virginia. More specifically, in FORT GAY, West Virginia. As Microsoft says, the word “gay” is always offensive. Fort Gay Mayor, David Thompson, tried to intervene, but was told that the city’s name didn’t matter; the word “gay” was inappropriate in any context.

Ed: Everybody sing – 

When you’re with the Flintstones

Have a yabba dabba-do time

A dabba-do time

We’ll have a gay old time!

  1. Santa Claus’s traditional catch phrase censored

Santa Clauses in Sydney, Australia, were forced to revolt for the right to say “Ho Ho Ho”, the traditional laugh of jolly old St. Nick. It turns out that their employer, the recruitment firm Westaff (that supplies hundreds of Santas across Australia), told all trainees that “ho ho ho” could frighten children and be derogatory to women. Why? Because it was too close to the American (not Australian, mind you) slang for prostitute. Instead, the Santas were instructed to lower their voices and say “Ha ha ha”.

Ed: Not funny

  1. Old Glory banished

Administrators at a California high school sent five students home after they refused to remove their American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo. Assistant Principal, Miguel Rodriguez, asked two of the five teens to remove their American flag bandanas. The boys complied, but were still taken to the principal’s office for a chat. One of the boys told NBC “They said we could wear it on any other day, but today is sensitive to Mexican-Americans because it’s supposed to be their holiday, so we were not allowed to wear it.”

Ed: Does that mean they have to speak English for 364 days?

  1. Greenpeace saves starving Africans from GMO food.

The fear of genetically modified (GM) crops, whipped up by environmentalist hysteria in Europe and America, has prompted many African countries to ban ALL U.S. food aid because it may contain GM corn. There are no restrictions on these foods in industrialized nations, yet people too poor to buy their next meal are denied the same foods even when it’s free. They could realistically starve without it, yet Greenpeace prides itself on stopping shipments of GMO food to starving people.

Ed: Ironically this forced the starving people of Angola to eat whales

  1. MSNBC’s poster boy for “unfairly” targeted Muslims on no-fly list arrested for being member of ISIS.

Two years ago MSNBC said his case represented institutional “Islamophobia.”

A man, who just two years ago was the poster boy for the far-Left media’s attacks against the U.S. government’s no-fly list for “unfairly” targeting Muslims, finds himself and several family members sitting in a Turkish prison — arrested earlier this month near the Turkey-Syria border as members of an ISIS cell.

Ed: Al Qaeda and ISIS are being discriminated against to this day

  1. CU-Boulder Anti-Racism Rally Canceled Because Organizers Are White

An anti-racism rally planned at the University of Colorado, Boulder, to show solidarity with University of Missouri black activists was cancelled because the protest organizers are white.

The rally was killed under pressure from the CU’s Black Student Alliance and it’s president, Ms. Ferribee.

The white students who wanted to protest racism had to apologize to black students, but were called racists anyway by Ms. Ferribee, “That’s a slap in the face and that’s practicing racism, whether they want to believe it or not,” Ferribee said. “They used their white privilege and oppressed voices and stifled voices that are experiencing this every day.”

Ed: Social Justice Warriors eating there own…Bon Apetit!

  1. DOE issued a document last year that offered additional guidance on the decades-old law: “Title IX’s sex discrimination prohibition extends to claims of discrimination based on gender identity.”

This ruling allowed California to pass a law stipulating that students must be permitted to participate in sex-segregated school activities—like bathroom use and sports-team participation—based on the gender with which they identify, regardless of the sex listed for them in official records. So, not only can an individual “born as a male” compete with your daughter for a starting position on her team, but she will have to shower with him as well.

Many school jurisdictions have made similar policy rulings to comply with the federal dictate, but one created a problem by inadvertently using the word “he” and “his” to enumerate the rights of a transgender student. This has led to push for new policies probiting the teaching of gender specific pronouns like “she,” “her,” “he,” and “his” in English and grammar curiculae.

Ed: I was born too soon to collect my full scholarship for field hockey.

Hillary attempts Jedi Mind Trick on entire U.S.

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This is her actual quote from yesterday,  November 19, 2015

This is her actual quote from yesterday, November 19, 2015…and proof that 2,029 Muslims support her campaign.


Fun facts that a former U.S. Secretary of State should know

  • 51% of Pakistanis grieve the death of Osama Bin Laden
  • 62% of British Muslims do not believe in the protection of free speech
  • 18% of British Muslims would be proud or indifferent if a family member joined al­ Qaeda
  • 61% of Egyptians approve attacks on Americans
  • 24% of Muslim­Americans say that violence is justified against those who “offend Islam.”
  • 25% of Muslims in UK think terrorist suicide bombing is justified
  • American Muslims who identify strongly with their religion are 3 times more likely to believe suicide bombing is justified
  • 18% of Muslim students in Britain would not report a fellow Muslim planning as terrorist attack.
  • 45% of British Muslims agree that clerics preaching violence against the west represents “mainstream Islam.”
  • 25% of Muslim­Americans say that violence against Americans in the United States is justified as part of global Jihad.
  • 38.6 of Muslims believe 9/11 (attack on World Trade Center) was justified
  • 49% of Muslim­Americans say they are “Muslim first,” American second.



Hawaii Welcomes Syrian Refugees


The first batch of the expected 200,000 Syrian refugees arrived today at Honolulu Harbor

The Governor made a brief statement as the first boatload of Syrian refugees arrived at Pier 19.

“We are a welcoming Island culture and wish to extend our spirit of Aloha to our new…” at this point the governor was drowned out by chants of “Alluha Akbar!,” and, looking a little stunned, was whisked away by security.

He stopped momentarily to offer the gathered media a few words, “There’s so many…there’s so many…I didn’t know there was so many….” At this point the dazed governor was pushed into his waiting limo.

Many had criticized the governor for being the only state left to back President Obama and agree to take the refugees. All other 49 states have refused to relocate any of the approximately 200,000 Muslims that Obama has agreed to take in during the next year.

Several Hawaiian greeter girls tried handing out leis and giving traditional Island greetings, but were quickly overwhelmed by the mob. There were reports that the girls had been auctioned off as sex slaves.

Buses that awaited the new refugees to shuttle them to the tent city constructed for them by the state administration were overturned and set on fire.

The approximately 32,430 refugees were last seen headed toward Waikiki and Kahala.

Racist Mizzou Professor Nearly Causes Riot

Professor Melissa Click yells racial epithets against Chinese looking journalist.

Professor Melissa Glick assaults and yells racial epithets at Chinese-looking journalist.

Mizzou Professor Melissa Glick accosted an independent reporter today at a campus rally.  She ordered the young man out of what she called a white privilege zone.

“You don’t have no civil rights round here!” Ms. Glick was heard screaming.  “The U.S. Constitution is for white people, especially ugly-assed gingers likes me!”

“We don’t need no chinky Chinaman takin pitures like we was some dang tourist attraction,” added Glick.s

Dr. Glick's PhD thesis was entitled: The Ultimate Oppressed Minority - Ugly White Chics with Red Hair.

Dr. Glick’s PhD thesis was entitled: The Ultimate Oppressed Minority – Ugly White Chics with Red Hair.

The fact that Ms.Glick holds a doctorate has led some people to conclude that the longer someone studies at the University of Missouri the stupider they actually become.

The current Dean, at least for today, apologized for Ms Glick’s behavior and said that her racist outbursts were not helpful.

“God help us if we piss off the football team again this week, they could take this whole place down,” moaned the Dean.

“We don’t understand how this happened because we vet our professors diligently,” said the Dean. “They have to be sworn Marxists, athiests and vehemently anti-white or we weed them out!”

“One bad apple and we could lose our federal funding.” continued the flustered temporary replacement Dean. “We can’t have this ‘Constitution’ nonsense floating around campus.”

McCubbins emerges as viable option for Dem presidential nomination.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 4.48.51 PMAs Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers plummet, a new, fresh, furry face has emerged as a potential challenger. Limberbutt McCubbins, a cat from Kentucky, is gaining strong national support.

Clearly, when faced with the current choices limited to an obnoxious crook, a doddering old socialist, and possibly the biggest dufus to ever be Vice President of the United States, Dems are actively considering their non-human options.

McCubbins is running a strong campaign with his catchy slogan of “Meow is the Time!”

Mayor Stubs

Mayor Stubs

McCubbins is not the first cat to seek elective office. Incumbent Mayor Stubs of Talkeetna, Alaska was first elected in 1997.

Deez Nuts probes Limberbutt

Another new player in the presidential race is Deez Nuts, an Independent who has polled well in Iowa and North Carolina.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 4.35.04 PM

Nuts polled his fans on his Facebook page on August 13, 2015, asking whether he should reach out to fellow joke presidential hopeful, Kentucky feline Limberbutt McCubbins, for a possible Nuts/McCubbins ticket. Nuts has acknowledged McCubbins as an inspiration for his presidential run. McCubbins responded the same day, saying he was thrilled to have inspired Deez Nuts; however, he stopped short of endorsing Deez Nuts or agreeing to the potential ticket.

Still no clear motive for Chattanooga killings

“He was funny,” said classmates. “Always joking around.”

“He was funny,” said classmates. “Always joking around.”

In spite of the ongoing investigation by both Federal authorities and the media, there appears to be no progress on pinning down the motive for an “All American Kid,” Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, to go on a bloody rampage at U.S. Military facilities in Tennesee. Investigators interviewed his family and classmates but couldn’t find any reason why the likeable young lad would engage in such violent actions. The Imam of his Mosque could not shed any light on any possible motive. “He asked a lot of questions about Jihad and martyrdom,” said the Imam, “but that’s not unusual.” “He was especially interested in all the details of the 72 virgin thing, but a lot of our young men have trouble dating and get fixated on that one,” noted the Imam. Classmate Suzy Clump said she only saw Youssuf get upset once when the cafeteria served pork chops. “He did seem a little testy over that and there were some explosions and the kitchen and part of the auditorium did burn down,” said Clump. “But it wasn’t Youssuf’s fault…we offended his religion first.” “He seemed to settle down when the school board put goat on the menu,” added Clump.

Youssuf was a good student in high school.

Youssuf was a good student in high school.

Federal agents said the downloads on Yousuff’s personal computer revealed nothing suspicious. “We found nothing that would shed any light on this mystery,” said agent Richard Waud. “Just the usual links to goat porn sites, bomb making instructions, the Koran for Dummies and teachings of Osama Bin Laden like any other kid his age.”

Baby Youssuf with his mother in Jordan

Baby Youssuf with his mother in Jordan

“He did have a note instructing him to ‘kill all the dog-fucker infidel American soldiers’ when he was shot, but since it wasn’t signed by any known terrorists or on ISIS letterhead we had to disregarded it.”

During a recent trip to visit his uncle in the middle east he playfully posed next to a “Death to American Infidels” banner.

During a recent trip to visit his uncle in the middle east Youssuf playfully posed next to a “Death to American Infidels” banner.