Words Mean Things (specifically)

The thought police swiftly move into action

The thought police swiftly move into action

Representative Gene Ward used the word “niggardly” in reference to aspects of the new budget during a recent House floor session. This caused Democrat Scott Saiki to immediately object and demand the offending word be struck from the record. Either Saiki doesn’t know what the word means or doesn’t care. He does know when a Republican triggers his tweaky little PC alarm.

Perhaps it was unartful to use a so easily misconstrued word in this era of hypersensitive racial feelings and stunted vocabularies, but does political correctness dictate we must now play to the dummest guy in the room?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary niggardly is a real word with a distinctly non-racist meaning:

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 1.33.01 PM

“Niggardly” has a history as a political football. The goat rodeo that occurred in 1999 is widely held to be the opening round of the battle over political correctness. A white staffer, David Howard, to the black mayor of Washington, DC got canned for using the word “niggardly” while describing the city budget. This caused a vigorous national debate pitting people who actually understand the English language against those who would set a new low bar for feigned victimization and PC hogwash. One of Howard’s notable defenders was then head of the NAACP, Julian Bond, who spoke out strongly against the misguided political lynching.

“You hate to think that you have to censor your language to meet other people’s lack of understanding…..David Howard should not have quit. Mayor Williams should bring him back and order dictionaries for his staff…It Seems to me the mayor has been niggardly in his judgement…we have a hair-trigger sensibility and I think this is particularly true of racial minorities.”

Too bad Julian is no longer around and available to defend Gene Ward, and the English language when the PC thought police stepped in to trample his first amendment rights.

State Foundation on Culture and the Arts acquires an original Abercrombie

An original composition by Neil Abercrombie will be unveiled at the annual Art at the Capitol

An original composition by Neil Abercrombie will be unveiled at the annual Art at the Capitol

Art2According to the artist it was made from crap accumulated in his desk.

“I pretty much just couldn’t bring myself to throw the stuff out…especially the stress cow,” said the artist. “So, I just glued it to an old piece of cardboard and threw it behind the credenza.”

Discovered by janitors when they were cleaning the office, the work was recognized as a significant work of art and turned over to the State Foundation of Culture and the Arts. Now a part of their permanent collection and valued at over $100,000, the masterpiece of constructivism has been loaned to the office of Representative Bob McDermott where it be displayed during the Art at the Capitol event on April 1 from 4:30 to 7:00 pm.


Trump’s hair attacks Jeb Bush at debate.

Trumps hair leapt onto Jeb Bush's face and scratched him.

Trump’s hair leapt onto Jeb Bush’s face and scratched him.

Jeb Bush sporting some deep scratches from his run in with out of control hair ball.

a stunned Jeb Bush sporting some deep scratches from his run in with out of control hair ball.

During a heated exchange between the candidates Donald Trump’s hair jumped onto the top of his podium and leapt directly onto Jeb Bush. It stayed attached to his face for several seconds while Bush screamed in pain.  Only after Chris Christie grabbed the snarling fur ball and kicked it did it return to The Donald’s head and settle down.

“I’ve never seen it do that before!”exclaimed a distraught Bush. “It usually just sits there.”

Marco Rubio wasn’t surprised by the outburst, “I thought Trump was sporting a man-bun until the dam thing turned and looked right at me…when it started to hiss I knew it was going to go off on Jeb.”