Exclusive Interview with Rachel Dolezal, President of NAACP’s Spokane office

NAACP 3 Atomic Monkey: Rachel, you are the head of the NAACP in Spokane, Washington, and you claim to be black but your parents say you are 100% white…what’s up with that?

Rachel: We’ll that’s not completely true, I’m transracial, if my ex-parents choose to continue to perceive me as white, that is their problem. I was only white when I was being suppressed by white people…I was whipped and chained and told to be white.

Atomic Monkey: So, you used to be white, but now you’re black….OK. So how do you feel about people who criticize you for taking actual opportunities from actual black people…like the full scholarship at Howard University…they say it’s either delusional psychosis or out-and-out fraud. Maybe some weird mash-up of both.

Rachel: Fraud, psychosis! This is just one more case of the Transracialphobia that we must endure in our sick society. If Caitlyn Jenner can bravely transform herself into beautiful woman she always was I can become the strong black woman I am.

Atomic Monkey: Uh huh. I’m not sure Jenner succeeded in anything other than a publicity stunt. I’ll believe it when he prunes off his own junk. We heard that Jenner is also now planning to become black because of you stealing his headlines. He’ll be the first transgender-transracial, which will one-up you.

Rachel: You may think this is all some kind of joke, but everyone is entitled to be whatever they think they are, and other people have to accept it. We will continue to fight for not just tolerance, but forced acceptance. You will kiss my big trans-black ass, Honkey, this interview is over.

The Clinton Fundation – The Family Business of Political Graft

Public service can be profitable.

Public service can be profitable.

Ms. Harriet Harpy-Schrue, a spokesperson for the Clinton Fundation, responded to our request for information in a recent letter.

“We’ve had a lot of questions about the Clinton’s charitable foundation in the past few weeks,” said Ms Harpy-Schrue. “As everyone knows the Clinton’s fund humanitarian efforts across the globe. The Foundation retains only a modest 98% administrative fee for its expenses.”

The subject of Mrs. Clinton using her elective offices to extract contributions (bribes) in return for government contracts and other government largess was sharply dismissed by an offended Harpy-Schrue.

“Nothing has been proven!” barked Ms Harpy-Schrue. “There are no records or emails that would support such a cavalier accusation.”

She was apparently referring to the smoldering lump of metal that used to be the Clinton Foundation web server.

FundationLogoThe spokesperson also refused to respond to the revelation of Clinton Fundation “rate cards” where various services were offered in exchange for “suggested” contributions. The rates on an earlier “Senator Clinton” card for items such as floor votes, “putting in a good word” and “greasing a federal contract,” were relatively affordable compared to the more recent “Secretary of State Clinton” rates. “Sending in assassin drones,” for example was a pricey $2,000,000 and three Bill speeches (at $500,000/ ea.)

A question about what role the Clinton Foundation may have played in the Benghazi debacle, when Clinton was Secretary of State, also received a “no comment.” There was some concern as to the significance of an invoice from the Clinton Foundation discovered in the late Ambassador Steven’s desk. The invoice sent to the Ambassador was for $500,000 for military protective services and bore a large rubber stamp that read: “PAST DUE – services will be withheld until paid in full.”

Even more alarmingly, a controversial “President Hillary Clinton” rate card was reported in circulation in the Middle East. Some of the items on it raised eyebrows in Washington — with curious items ranging from “indemnifying your daughter against being made a Bill Clinton White House intern” for $50,000; to “NOT launching a nuclear missile attack on your country,” for a staggering $2 trillion (plus 40 Bill speeches for $1,000,000/ea.

Can Pedophileophobia be far behind?

Yeah, that would be the unfair, discrimination, distain or prejudice toward child molestors and school yard weenie wavers.

The current fad is to disparage anyone who disagrees with your politics, religion or lifestyle to be a [whatever you are]+phobic.

Sorry, but “Transphobia” strikes me as ridiculous, but that doesn’t stop liberal media harpies from bashing Jamie Foxx for this made-up psychological transgression. Foxx recently made a joke about well-known gender basket case Bruce Jenner. If you can’t make a joke about someone attached to the traveling Kardashian lunatic circus who can you joke about?


The liberal media wizards (the same people who promote the Kardashians as a “reality” show) may have finally jumped the shark on this one.

Politically incorrect criminal of the week: Jamie Foxx

Politically incorrect criminal of the week: Jamie Foxx

Since most of the Jamie Foxx defamation is coming from white liberals, maybe they are engaging in good old-fashioned racism. It’s just as valid an accusation as this “Transphobia” bullshit.

How can anyone hold up under the withering character assassination and slander generated by the [whatever they are] social media cyber-mob? Tweeting your enemies to death has replaced burning at the stake.

If a dude wants to cut off his own dick and wear a dress it is apparently now his civil right and perfectly OK (we learned this from sit-coms). It’s probably even covered under Obamacare. But, make a joke about going from the Wheaties box to Fruit Loops and YOU are attacked as the one with an anti-social mental issue.

What Foxx actually said was, “We have some groundbreaking performances here, too, tonight. We got Bruce Jenner, who will be here doing some musical performances. He’s doing a his-and-her duet all by himself.”

Pretty tame, G-rated and definitely covered by his constitutionally protected right to free speech. If you are offended by this joke there is probably something seriously wrong with YOU.

It is not currently illegal to have an opinion and express it.

You can spend a lot of money on surgeons to hack away at your crotch, inject you with hormones and whittle your Adam’s Apple down, but the result will be self-mutilation, not gender change.

You may be unhappy with your genetic code, but you’re pretty much stuck with it.

I could declare myself to be a bat, and hang upside down in my closet all day. I would not actually ever become a bat. My first attempt at flight from my 20th floor condo would undoubtedly prove fatal. I would still not even be a dead bat at that point…I would be a dead delusional individual who had a serious mental illness associated with a catastrophic identity crisis.

Not a Shadow of Doubt

Mysterious shadow in Clinton portrait continues to arouse.

Mysterious shadow in Clinton portrait continues to arouse suspicion.

Official presidential artist, Oswald Gouche, has finally admitted that the controversial shadow in Bil Clinton’s portrait is, in fact, a depiction of oral sex. “I can’t believe that it took this long to out the joke,” said Gouche. “I mean, Geeez, it’s pretty dam obvious isn’t it?” Gouche relates an exchange between President Clinton and himself at the first unveiling of the painting. The president pulled me aside and said ‘Hey, Gouche, is it just me or does that shadow on the mantle remind you of something?” “I told him that it was a badly rendered map of the United States and Cuba being projected with PowerPoint to show that the president was a ‘hands on’ foreign policy expert and was ‘boning up’ on current events,” said Gouche. “I really said that!” added Gouche, “There was champagne coming out of my nose…I almost pissed myself!” The president mumbled “Sure looks like somebody getting a blow job, but I’m kinda hyper sensitive about that sort of thing” and wandered off. “I’m totally mystified that nobody said anything more about it for years,” said Gouche. “It’s not like I was trying to be subtle.”